European Research Network on Philanthropy

Annual meetings, biennial conferences and quarterly newsletters

In order to facilitate communications and cooperation between ERNOP members and other philanthropy researchers interested in European philanthropy research, ERNOP organizes a biennial international conference. The conference aims to be the leading philanthropy conference in Europe. Since 2008, conferences have taken place in Amsterdam, Louvain, Bupapest, Vienna Riga and Paris. On 13-14 July 2017, ERNOP will have its 8th ERNOP Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

More information about this conference can be found at the conference webpage.

Besides these conferences, ERNOP members meet once a year at the ISTR conference.

The other primary platform for ERNOP members to exchange information about their research and developments in the field of philanthropy is the quarterly ERNOP Newsletter. Newsletters are send to (affiliated) members and all interested. To become a member, please fill in the registration form. You can also only sign up for the Newsletter.