Full publication of the ERNOP initiative to map the current state of research on Giving in Europe will be become available at www.europeangiving.eu. Final results of the study to be presented at the European Spring of Philanthropy, that will place on May 12 in Brussels.

In this initiative, ERNOP members from 20 European countries voluntarily worked together in estimating the total amounts donated by households, bequests, corporations, foundations and charity lotteries within their country, and to describe the quality of the available data. A two-pager summarizing the quality of data and the preliminary (lower bound) estimations of giving in 20 countries is available. Also, an executive summary of the study can be found here.

In sum, the philanthropy sector in Europe accounts for at least 87,5 billion euros in 2013, with almost half (at least 41,3 billion euros) coming from households, while corporations (at least 21,7 billion euros) and foundations (at least 16,8 billion euros) cover most of the rest. Giving by bequests (at least 4,8 billion euros) and giving by charity lotteries (at least 2,8 billion euros) complement the picture. However, the total philanthropy pie will most likely be larger, since the quality of the data available on giving is reasonable at best (for giving by households), but moderate to absent for most sources (foundation and corporate giving) and mostly unavailable for giving by bequests. Charity lotteries, understood as independent entities donating a considerable amount to charitable goals, are absent in many European countries due to governmental influence regarding goals supported by these organizations.

The full publication, including a detailed description of what we know about giving by households, corporations, foundations and charity lotteries in 20 European countries can be bought for 75 euros at www.europeangiving.eu. ERNOP is pleased that Lenthe, a social publishing house from the Netherlands, will publish the study.

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