Pre-conference event

Please download the Pre-conference Event Call for Proposals.


Pre-conference event of the 8th International Research Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy

The Societal Significance of European Foundations

A Poster-Based Encounter among Researchers and Practitioners

The CBS Center for Civil Society Studies  is trace tracking European foundations in order to address and better understand these understudied research questions. A preliminary report shall be presented at this pre-conference event and will provide room for discussion on the role of foundations in Europe.

Next to the presentation of the report, this pre-conference event will be supplemented by a wide variety of posters presented by a select group of researchers and informed practitioners studying foundations in different parts of Europe. This morning session is limited to a select group of 50 poster-presenters presenting in a seminar-style format. In the afternoon session (2-5 PM) the poster-presenters are supplemented by an invited group of academics and practitioners associated with philanthropic organizations. This mixed audience will be addressed by two key note speakers, and given opportunities to discuss the invited posters in an interactive workshop fashion. Afterwards the posters can be exhibited in the main hall at the ERNOP conference.


12 July, 2017


The pre-conference event is taking place in the very villa where the Danish brewer I.C. Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg Foundation, probably the oldest still operating foundation owned company in the world. Since 1876 the foundation has donated large amounts of money to the arts and sciences.


In times of growing expectations, when market actors and governments fail to provide merit goods of sufficient quantity and quality, hybrid organizations in the third sector may come to the rescue. A wide variety of philanthropies operates around Europe, but little is known about their actual societal significance and social impact – not only in terms of intended output, but also measured as unintended outcomes and side effects. What and how do foundations contribute to society? Is it always gold that glitters?


The morning session is limited to a select group of 50 poster-presenters presenting in a seminar-style format. The participants shall be chosen on the basis of academic and/or practical merits. Poster size will be max. 60 cm. tall x 120 cm wide (24” x 48”). Abstracts and/or poster drafts must be forwarded for peer selection no later than April 3rd  2017. For more information, register for the event and/or to submit an abstract or poster, contact: . Inspiration for poster design and structure can be found here and here.

Participation is free of charge, but admission limited, and registration required.