The ERNOP board is pleased to announce that the 9th international conference of our dedicated network of philanthropy researchers will be hosted by the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) at the University of Basel in Switzerland on July 4-5, 2019. Theme will be “Philanthropy in the spotlight?’ Resources, Reputation and Achievements.”

In recent years the public profile of philanthropy has increased. Across Europe (and beyond) philanthropic actors take the lead in addressing societal issues and the contribution of philanthropy is being (re)discovered by public actors. While philanthropy is not a new phenomenon, its heightened visibility has raised questions about the background and motives of philanthropic organizations and donors, the place of philanthropy within (European) welfare states, and the relationship of philanthropy to other actors that aim to solve societal issues and/or put issues on the societal agenda. An increase in visibility seems to call for more transparency and a better understanding of the achievements, impacts and limitations of philanthropy: we should look the philanthropic gift horse in the mouth.

Hosted by the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) at the University of Basel in Switzerland, the conference will gather scholars from various disciplines sharing a motivation to discuss the achievements of philanthropy in the present day, and to generate new questions about how philanthropy might develop in the future. Participants are especially encouraged to send in proposals addressing questions related to the financial and other sources of philanthropy related to the reputation of philanthropic organizations and projects and/or achievements of philanthropy. In doing so, the conference aims to intitiate a lively debate about the multifaceted character of philanthropy in the past, present and future.

The  program of the ERNOP 2019 Conference can be downloaded here.

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