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ERNOP Online Series 2023-2024

Cross-Sector Collaboration: Working with Governments

December 5, 2023, 10-11 AM (CET)

Speaker: Galia Feit (The Institute for Law and Philanthropy, Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv  University)

Discussant: Hanna Surmatz (Philanthropy Europe Association)

About this seminar:

How do foundations collaborate with governments? How are these collaborations perceived? How are they regulated and supervised? What can we learn from these relationships for those seeking to work with government in different contexts?  This ERNOP Science and Society Seminar will open with a presentation of the perceived rationales and roles held by Israeli foundation leaders and government echelons who are engaged in government-foundation partnerships known as joint ventures. 

Following the presentation, we will open for discussion both in response to the specific Israeli example but also for participants to share and spotlight other studies or examples of government-foundations collaboration types and their contextual framework. The aim is to   ignite further mutual learning and discussion around this topic by interested scholars and practitioners.

Galia Feit from the Institute for Law and Philanthropy will present findings based on a thematic analysis of foundation – government collaborations with perspectives from both foundation leaders and senior-professional government officials on rationales for a partnership. Also, she will go into the perceived boundaries of such a partnership by  addressing authority and responsibility, influence on government priorities and the advantage or privilege of philanthropic funding.

To watch the recording of this webinar, click here.

About Dr Galia Feit 

Galia Feit is the Executive Director of the Institute for Law and Philanthropy at the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, which she co-founded with leading philanthropists and Faculty members. Her research focuses on mapping giving trends in Israel, on the blurring boundaries of philanthropy and the public and (for-profit) private sectors, and on ethos and ethics in government-philanthropy relations. She is a graduate of the TAU Law School and an active lawyer in the social field.

About Hanna Surmatz

Hanna Surmatz is heading the policy work at Philea and is an expert on philanthropy and foundation law. Her main responsibilities include monitoring and mapping/analysis of relevant developments that affect foundations’/funders operating environment in Europe and beyond and strengthen the overall engagement with policymakers