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European Research Network on Philanthropy

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ERNOP is an academic network that has currently about 250+ members from 25+ European countries. ERNOPs mission is to advance, promote and coordinate philanthropy research in Europe. Rigorous research and application of its outcomes is essential for every sector in society to thrive, and philanthropy is not different. 

In the past years ERNOP has taken several initiatives to make academic studies on philanthropy better accessible for people working in, with and for philanthropy. Noteworthy are the ‘Snapshot of European research on philanthropy’, the online ‘ERNOP Science and Society Seminar Series’, the first and most comprehensive inventory of data on philanthropy in Europe ‘Giving in Europe‘, and the ‘ERNOP Research Notes‘.

The ERNOP conferences are the leading academic conferences on philanthropy in Europe and have attracted leading and emerging European academics to discuss and improve the state of the art of their work. The best conference receives a ‘best conference paper award’ and the papers are published in special issues of academic journals and conference proceedings. Limited scholarships are provided to those unable to cover the costs of attending.

Perhaps even more importantly is that the next generation of PhDs is being trained in PhD workshops and workshops that are organised by senior academics from the European philanthropy research field. Students form the future of the philanthropy sector in Europe.  

ERNOP is an association that relies on membership contributions and revenues from its biennial conference. All activities, including dissemination of knowledge and support of professionals and new generation of PhDs, are dependent on this.  

ERNOP has relationships with a number of institutions that provide structural support to ERNOPs mission. 

Philanthropy deserves to be taken seriously. To further advance philanthropy research in Europe ERNOP seeks structural support to expand its operations and make research better accessible. The academic study of philanthropy brings valuable new insights to the sector and be at the same a critical friend that provides a mirror the sector.

Donations will strengthen the development and capacity of ERNOP, to support and advance the philanthropy research in individual member states and Europe as a whole. ERNOP strives to realize a Giving in Europe study, which will allow comparable European data on philanthropy to be collected and analyzed for the first time. Furthermore, ERNOP aims to facilitate stronger collaboration between academic researchers and people working in, with and for philanthropy, thereby strenghtening and professionalising the European philanthropy sector.

We hope you will support us in the effort. 

If you or your foundation is interested to support ERNOP, please contact Barry Hoolwerf.

You can also transfer your donation to:

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