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Knowledge portal

ERNOP develops a broad range of output for practitioners and academics:

  1. ERNOP Online series
  2. Research notes
  3. Overview of European research centres studying philanthropy
  4. Snapshot of European Philanthropy research
  5. Giving in Europe

ERNOP Online series

With the ERNOP Science and Society Seminar webinars, ERNOP aims to continue building bridges between professionals working in, with and for philanthropy in Europe and the European academics studying philanthropy. Click here for more information and this year’s program.

Research Notes

The ERNOP Research Notes for Philanthropy Practitioners are easy-to-read, nicely edited and visualised two-pagers that include a summary of academic articles published by ERNOP members in the past and to be published articles of the future. The notes will be posted on the ERNOP website on a separate webpage.

The first research notes were shared in December 2022. Click here for an overview of the first issue.

Overview of European research centres

The European Research Network On Philanthropy has members in almost all European countries. An overview of the centres per country can be found here.

Snapshot of European Philanthropy research

The factsheet provides an overview of philanthropy research centres in Europe that are institutional members of ERNOP, their main academic disciplines, philanthropy-related focus, and the most important research questions (RQs) they aim to answer. The snapshot of 2022 can be found here.

Giving in Europe

Giving in Europe sheds light on authentic European philanthropic performance and serves as a tool to measure the prosocial surplus in European societies. It is an initial attempt to map philanthropy in Europe and presents a first overall estimation of the total philanthropic giving by households, bequests, foundations, corporations and charity lotteries. More information can be found here.