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We are pleased to share that the day before the ERNOP Conference 2023, ERNOP will  host and facilitate in-depth exchanges between academia and philanthropy professionals though a ‘safe space’ format.

The event will connect academics with philanthropy professionals practitioners, foster learning from academia and practitioners and to create safe spaces in which participants address themes that include a high level of trust. The output of the safe spaces will be looped back into research on related topics. The event will be organised in collaboration with Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea).

By creating safe spaces for philanthropy, this initiative seeks to partner academics, and professionals working in and for philanthropy. For practitioners it creates an opportunity for peer learning and exchange on topics that are essential to the functioning of philanthropic organisations but often create friction and frustration. Also practitioners are provided with academic reflections to the topics that are on the table – it gives them a way to better understand the processes and possibilities to overcome these frictions,  stay on the top of the most recent research, and connect their daily practice and strategic thinking with research evidence. For academics it provides an opportunity to engage with an in-depth conversation on issues that are of importance to professionals working in the philanthropy sector and to integrate their feedback into their work. The conversations will provide a platform to share knowledge and raise new avenues for innovative research and collaborations.

More information about the event can be found here.