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Dialogues is a special issue series being developed on behalf of the Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing. The primary aim of the Dialogues special issues is to stimulate discussion and debate around a trending theme pertinent (primarily) to the third sector and philanthropy-based activities. The overarching aspiration is to revolutionise current thinking and praxis within the fields of philanthropy to help develop philanthropic practice,  set an agenda for future avenues of research, and publish ideas through a unique format of open peer commentary.

Published in an open access format, the ‘ERNOP Safe Spaces for Philanthropy’ Dialogues special issue will showcase five forward-thinking ‘central pillar’ articles related to impact, diversity, inclusion, empowerment, advocacy and leadership in philanthropy and alongside this, present a dialogue around these themes contributed by academics, practitioners and/or policymakers. The safe spaces are organised as the pre-conference event to the biennial Research Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy in Zagreb on June 29-30, 2023.

Dialogues aims to stimulate discussion around trending themes within the discipline of philanthropy through ‘central pillar’ articles and ‘commentaries’. Central pillar articles can have practice-based, philosophical, methodological, or pedagogic foundations and will be written by primarily experts with an academic background.

In turn, the respondents to the central pillar article (commentators) will (respectfully) offer their critical reflections, highlighting lines of agreement, outlining points of discord, and diagnosing potential means to reconcile any divergent views. Commentaries can be writing by anyone that has an expertise related to a specific theme.

Each central pillar article (4,000-6,000 words) in the special issue will be accompanied  by at least one reflection piece (max. 2000 words each) and a short response to the reflection by the author(s) of the central pillar article (max. 1000 words). All other participants in the ‘ERNOP Safe Spaces for Philanthropy’ are cordially invited to also provide a refection to the central pillar article. A maximum of four reflections can be included for each topic.