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List of Practitioner Experts

Key to the success of the 
Research Notes initiative is the participation and contribution of ‘practitioner experts’. Practitioner experts translate academic work on philanthropy into research notes in close collaboration with the authors of the original work. Previous Practitioner Experts are listed below, per issue.

Issue IV: September 2023

Name Organization Research Note
Rebecca McMurray Not listed 2023/19
Donna Plat Gorilla Doctors 2023/20
Katy Adams University of Heidelberg 2023/21
Gregory Knott University of Connecticut Foundation 2023/22
Anna-Leah Gebuehr Not listed 2023/23
Theresa Gehringer Stiftung für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte 2023/24
Ana Pimenta Blink CV 2023/25

Issue III: June 2023

Name Organization Research Note
Katherine Hermans Global Changemakers 2023/10

Katherine Hermans

Global Changemakers 2023/11
Sophie Hersberger Consense Philanthropy Consulting 2023/12
Maliha Hasan University of Toronto, Foundation Relations Office 2023/13
Nevena Mijatovi Trag Foundation 2023/14
Jane Trenaman Freelance Consultant 2023/15
Bob Galesloot BGEZ 2023/16
Scott Mcdonald Root Capital 2023/17
Sufina Ahmad John Ellerman Foundation 2023/18

Issue II: March 2023

Name Organization Research Note
Samantha Thomas Wildlife and Welfare 2023/1
Elizabeth Lamberti International Rescue Committee 2023/2
Lizzy Steinhart LCM Family 2023/3
Cornelia Walther Poze 2023/4
Maryte Somare Not listed 2023/5
Nathalie Sauvanet BNP Paribas Wealth Management 2023/6
Filippo Candela Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation 2023/7
Matthew Ross Royal Academy of Music 2023/8
Heather Little Not listed 2023/9

Issue I: December 2022

Name Organization Research Note
Barry Hoolwerf ERNOP 2022/1
Claire van Teunenbroek ERNOP 2022/1
Teresa Sofio  Centre for European Volunteering (CEV) 2022/2
Sevda Kilicalp Philea Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea) 2022/3
Simona Biancu European Fundraising Association 2022/4