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Ongoing intiatives are developed to:

Establish a comprehensive dataset on philanthropy in Europe and a ‘Philanthropy in Europe Study’

Besides in the Netherlands, data on giving is not collected in a structural way. Current data sets lack comparability and differ in their methodology and comprehensiveness. ERNOP aims to create a Philanthropy in Europe dataset, making international comparisons possible for the first time. Meanwhile, ERNOP will advocate for more and better collection of data by advising relevant stakeholders on national, European and global level. 

Coordinate joint research projects 

ERNOP aims to be a successful coordinating body of joined European research proposals, projects and publications. In order to stimulate cooperation between European philanthropy researchers, ERNOP aims to function as a knowledge hub. By bringing together individual researchers in writing joint research proposals and by redirecting members to other members with a same research background, ERNOP aims to stimulate writing articles from a more European focused perspective.

Cooperate with philanthropy journals

ERNOP seeks cooperation with existing philanthropy journals. ERNOP members actively publish their research in a large range of mono- and interdisciplinary scientific journals, from economic journals to marketing, and from social policy journals to historical journals. As ERNOP, we are proud that our members are actively involved in the academic philanthropy community world wide, also as editor of the main specialized philanthropy journals (NVSQ, Voluntas, JPM and VSR). 

Get and keep philanthropy research on the agenda of public and private stakeholders

To represent the study of philanthropy in Europe and to influence policy making at national and European level. Knowledge is of utmost importance for policy making and this is not different for philanthropy. As there is no structural and comparable information about philanthropy between European countries, ERNOP aims to put philanthropy research on philanthropy the agenda of national and European policymakers, and to advacte for taking data collection on philanthropy on, for example, Eurobarometer and the European Social Survey (ESS).