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To download the call for practitioner experts, click here.

Key to the success of the Research Notes initiative is the participation and contribution of ‘practitioner experts’. Practitioner experts will translate academic work on philanthropy into research notes in close collaboration with the authors of the original work. 

    • Are you interested in developing or freshening up your knowledge on philanthropy, foundations, charities, fundraising, volunteering and related knowledge by getting direct access to relevant academic work on these topics?
    • Do you want to position yourself and your organisation as experts on the management of philanthropic organisations or impact measurement?
    • Or do you simply want to contribute to making academic work accessible and more relevant for the philanthropy community and thereby improving the effectiveness of philanthropy? 

Your name and organisation can be listed on the ERNOP Research Note, and you will be provided with access to all other research notes – a unique way to showcase your expertise and to expand your knowledge on philanthropy on the one hand and to connect with academic experts on the topic on the other! 

So, do you consider yourself an expert on a specific topic related to philanthropy? Are you able to read academic publications and willing to translate these publications into a more helpful format for the benefit of philanthropy?

To sign up as a practitioner expert, click here

Overview of the publication process

Click here, to download the publication process. 

    • Practitioner expert database: By signing up for the database, you can list your primary expertise and/or interest.
    • Search and Match: After entering the practitioner expert database, we will match your interest and expertise with a relevant academic publication.
    • Confirmation of practitioner experts: After we have made a match, we will approach you and ask if you are available to create the research note using the format that ERNOP has developed.
    • Confirmation of original author: We will contact the original leading author of the publication to confirm that he/she is interested in having the original publication made available as ERNOP Research Note and that he/she is willing to share key figures (if available) that can be used in the Research Note.
    • Connect: We will match the practitioner expert and original author by exchanging email addresses. Now the creation of your Research Note can formally start.
    • First draft: After the connection, you will be asked to deliver the draft of the Research Note within 6 weeks, but sooner is also fine.
    • Feedback: The first round of feedback will be provided within one week by ERNOP. We will only check if you applied the ERNOP Research Notes format.
    • Second draft: We will ask you to return a second draft of the research note one week later.
    • Confirmation of original author: We will connect with the original authors again and ask for their feedback or approval and integrate this.
    • Finalisation and publishing: After approval by the original author(s), ERNOP will publish the research note on its website. Congratulations!

Overview of the conditions

Click here, to download the conditions.


    • Public access to research notes: You and the author will be free to indefinitely use the research note for your own and organisational purposes. Regarding the other research notes, all research notes will remain publicly accessible for three months after their release, with a minimum of 10 publicly accessible research notes.
    • Access for ERNOP (associated) members, supporters and partners: Afterwards, ERNOP will make the research notes available to its (associated) members, institutional supporters and societal partners. You will be granted (associated) individual membership for one year after your research note has been published.
    • Publication frequency: We aim to release new ERNOP Research Notes on a quarterly basis.
    • Practitioner experts list: All contributors that have delivered a Research Note will be listed as practitioner experts on the ERNOP website for one year. You can always indicate not to be listed as a practitioner expert. The practitioner expert list will be renewed on a quarterly basis.
    • Promotion: We will publish the individual research note on the ERNOP website on a separate page and announce the publication through our, your, and authors’ Linked In channels.

The notes are promoted by Philea, European Fundraising Association, Centre for European Volunteering and Impact Europe.

To sign up as a practitioner expert, click here