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 ERNOP Online Series 2022-2023

The new kid in town: Influence of new initiatives on the structure of philanthropic organisations

Speaker: Elodie Dessy (Centre d’Economie Sociale (CES), HEC Liège)

Discussant: Ellen Janssen (Dutch Epilepsy Foundation)

Date: May 2, 2023, 11-12 CET

About this seminar: Facilitated by the digital revolution, the past twenty years saw several new ways of giving. Among the newcomers are social-mission platforms, like crowdfunding (collecting donations online) and crowdsourcing (sharing knowledge online). These new ways of giving harness the power of new technologies to support the common good. They also open up the field in that asking for donations is no longer solely the task of formal organizations. Elodie Dessy will discuss the impact of newcomers, like social mission platforms, on the structure of the philanthropic field. Will the newcomers follow the traditional charitable format, with CEOs, a general mission and limited transparency? Or do they shake up organisational structures of classic organisations?


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About Dr Elodie Dessy

Elodie is a Research Fellow at the Center for Social Economy, HEC Liège – Management School of the University of Liège, from 2017 to 2021. She holds a master’s degree in Population and Development Studies from the University of Liège (2016). In Spring 2020, she was a visiting scholar at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Elodie presented her research at several conferences (EGOS, EMES, ISTR, ERNOP among others). Her research interests include philanthropy, social enterprises, and digital social innovations from institutional and field perspectives.


About the Centre d’Economie Sociale (CES)

Founded in the early 1990s, the Centre d’Economie Sociale (CES) is a research and teaching center that has been conducting all its projects and work for more than 25 years from a single perspective: highlighting, analyzing, and accrediting the specific roles and growing importance of companies and organizations that develop economic activities in the service of a social or societal purpose. Within HEC Liège, the CES pilots the “Social Enterprise and Business Ethics” excellence point and also works in close collaboration with other faculties.


About Ellen Janssens

Ellen Janssens has extensive experience in innovation management with several charities. For the past five years, she co-organised the Innovation Camp Masterclass at the annual International Fundraising Congress. Next to this, she is an independent strategic consultant and currently the Team Manager Marketing, Communication and Fundraising at EpilepsieNL (Dutch Epilepsy Foundation).