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Projects that have been carried out by ERNOP in the past are (non exhaustive):

Giving in Europe

Giving in Europe, is the first and most comprehensive study measuring philanthropy in Europe. By using a similar methodology, contributors provide a first overall estimation of the total philanthropic giving by households, bequests, foundations, corporations and charity lotteries in 20 European countries. For each source of philanthropy (households, foundations, corporations and charity lotteries) it describes available data sources,  including an assessment of the quality of each data source. More information here.

Giving in Evidence

This study  is the first to provide data gathered from universities across the European Union regarding the efforts made, and successes achieved, in fundraising from philanthropy for research. More information here.

European Foundations for Research and Innovation (EUFORI) Study

The aim of the EUFORI study was to quantify and assess foundations’ financial support and policies for research and innovation in the EU, make a comparative analysis between 29 European countries, and identify trends and the potential for future developments in this sector. More information here.

Innovation of the Third Sector as SOcial INnovation (ITSSOIN)

Research has made seminal contributions to describing the size and scope of the Third Sector, including volunteering as an essential component. However, most of the research has focused on economic benefits (revenues, employment etc.). ITSSOIN, posits that the core contribution and main impact of the sector on socio-economic development lies in the creation of social innovation. More information here.