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ERNOP Online Series 2022-2023

The role of impact measurement in generating collective action

Speaker: Lisa Hehenberger (Department of Strategy and General Management at Esade)

Discussant: Priscilla Boiardi (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Date: February 7, 2023, 3-4 PM CET

About this seminar:Impact, so what? What gets measured does get managed, or? What is the role of impact measurement in generating collective action? Grand challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality are complex. They require participation and innovation from multiple stakeholders with diverse objectives and value systems. For this, concrete and sustained collective action is needed but difficult to manage. Lisa Hehenberger will discuss how inscription and calculative processes influence action on complex societal issues by focussing on impact measurement and impact investing. What are the mechanisms implicated in the impact measurement process? By proposing a model for “measured action”, she will discuss how demarcating, formatting and performing are linked with the extent to which collective action is achieved.

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About Dr Lisa Hehenberger

Dr. Lisa Hehenberger is an Associate Professor in the department of Strategy and General Management at ESADE, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute. She is a renowned expert on social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy, impact investment and entrepreneurship. At ESADE she teaches social entrepreneurship & impact investing (CEMS, MBA), entrepreneurship (EMBA), entrepreneurship in the Master of Research, as well as numerous executive courses. Dr. Hehenberger is a member of the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium set up by Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, and a member of CNBC’s Disruptor 50 Advisory Council – a group of leading thinkers in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also a member of the Academic Working Group on Impact Measurement and Management of CASE at Duke with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Dr. Hehenberger’s research focuses on market-building as an entrepreneurial project in the contexts of social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy and impact investing. 

About the Esade Center for Social Impact

The Esade Center for Social Impact (ECSI) is an academic think tank that works toward a world where people and organizations better understand and solve complex global challenges. We do so by developing research with rigor, reach, and relevance for and about social impact. As part of our mission, we engage with current and future leaders to influence practice and policy. We create the conditions to understand problems; ask difficult questions to spur novel thinking and innovative ideas; pilot progressive change; and generate knowledge, tools, and solutions to help train the leaders that enable social change.

The center was created as part of the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) in 2017 and became a separate entity within Esade during the 2021-2022 academic year.


About Priscilla Boiardi

I am a social investment expert, with over 10 years of research experience. As Knowledge Centre and Policy Director of EVPA, I am responsible for the research, policy, training and dissemination activities of EVPA. The EVPA Knowledge Centre (KC) conducts research on the practices of venture philanthropy and social impact investing (VP/SI) and leads on the development of EVPA’s training offer and on disseminating knowledge on VP/SI. The Policy team promotes effective EU and national policies that support a well-functioning ecosystem for societal impact. Informing its members about EU policy initiatives and voicing their concerns and expectations is central to EVPA’s policy work, as well as highlighting and sharing national policy initiatives.

About the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. Our goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all. We draw on 60 years of experience and insights to better prepare the world of tomorrow.

Together with governments, policy makers and citizens, we work on establishing evidence-based international standards and finding solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental challenges. From improving economic performance and creating jobs to fostering strong education and fighting international tax evasion, we provide a unique forum and knowledge hub for data and analysis, exchange of experiences, best-practice sharing, and advice on public policies and international standard-setting.