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European Research Network on Philanthropy
Introduction on Giving Research in Hungary

Marianna Török and István Sebestény[1]

There are several initiatives that are working towards the development of a philanthropic culture, volunteering and the not-for-profit sector. However, there is no institution that focuses on the research of philanthropy and the availability of data is limited in Hungary in this area. Most researchers rely on the data provided by the Hungarian Central Statistics Office (KSH), the National Tax Authority (NAV) and, if available, independent research data.

There are several organisations that either focus on research in a related area or do capacity building, and conduct research and generate data related to philanthropy from time to time:

  • The most active research group in the philanthropy-related research field is the Association for Nonprofit Research (Nonprofit Kutatócsoport Egyesület), an association for informal networking and collaborative research on issues related to not-for-profits, among them philanthropy. Several books and research results have been published under their aegis, and their website is the most extensive resource of publications related to this theme ( in Hungary.
  • Among the capacity building organisations there is the Donor’s Forum (Magyar Adományozói Fórum), which works towards the development of philanthropy in Hungary and publishes reports, case studies and best practices.
  • The National Volunteer Center (ÖKA) was established to create the necessary infrastructure for volunteering and the development of a volunteering culture. The cooperation and work of five non-profit organisations enabled the execution of this idea, so in September 2002 the National Volunteer Centre (ÖKA) was able to start its operations officially.
  • The Nonprofit Information and Training Center (NIOK) Foundation aims to strengthen civil society in Hungary and build an environment supportive of the long-term future of NGOs. NIOK promotes the sustainable and efficient functioning of NGOs by providing capacity-building services and strengthening the NGO sector’s links to local government, the business sector and society as a whole. NIOK is a public benefit open foundation, a member of the European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA), V4 and the Viability Network.
  • There are individual researchers from very different backgrounds: statistics, economics, social sciences and social policy. Key individuals in the research field related to philanthropy are: Mária Arapovics (ELTE PPK), Anna-Mária Bartal (Pázmány Catholic University), János Bocz (KSH), Klára Czike (Hungarian Volunteer Center), László Harsányi (Nonprofit Research Group), Éva Kuti (Nonprofit Research Group), Ádám Rixer (Karoli University) István Sebestény (Hungarian Central Statistical Office), Marianna Torok (Consultant) and some other people.


[1] Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest. Contacts: ;


Török, M. & Sebestény, I. (2017) Research on Giving in Hungary. In: Hoolwerf, L.K. & Schuyt, Th.N.M. (eds) Giving in Europe. The state of research on giving in 20 European countries. Amsterdam: Lenthe Publishers.

A comprehensive profile and description of all data sources is available through the member portal.