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Current research projects on philanthropy in Israël

The Center for the Study of Philanthropy in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, established in 2006 in cooperation with the Israel-Joint Distribution Committee, aims to enhance existing knowledge in the field and to provide an appropriate academic framework for achieving that goal. The Center is engaged in efforts to develop and promote basic and applied research knowledge on philanthropy in Israel and in Jewish communities throughout the world. Current research projects on philanthropy are:

Michal Almog-Bar:
– Policy initiatives towards the Third Sector in comparative perspective.
– Advocacy activities in nonprofit human service organizations.
– Advocacy by nonprofit organizations and their influence upon public policy making.
– Philanthropic foundations and their influence upon social policy making processes.
– Nonprofit organizations providing social services and the creation of an alternative welfare sphere.
Luisa Levi D’Ancona Modena Ph.D:
– Jewish philanthropy in Europe. Changes and challenges
– History of Jewish philanthropy in Italy
– Philanthropy and Jewish identity
Ritov Ilana:
– Psychological determinants of motivation for philanthropic activity: Identifiability effect in different social categorizations the Israeli society
Avishag Rudich:
– Giving Israel- an integrated picture of Israel’s philanthropic arena.
– New patterns of philanthropy in Israel.
– The impact of the Israeli philanthropists on the Israeli nonprofit organization.
– The relationship between public and private funding of Israeli nonprofits and it’s relationship to civic engagement.
– Israeli philanthropic Foundations
Hillel Schmid Ph.D:
– Relationships between Government and for-profit and nonprofit organizations delivering human and social services.
– Relationships between nonprofit organizations providing personal and social services and the for- profit sector.
– The political activity of nonprofit organizations delivering human and social services.
– Leadership styles and leadership change in voluntary nonprofit organizations.
– New patterns of philanthropy in Israel.

Current state of Giving Research in Israel

Information on data and current state of giving research in Israël will follow shortly.

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