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European Research Network on Philanthropy

Tel Aviv UniversityInstitut for Law and Philanthropy Tel Aviv University
Buchmann Faculty of Law
Institute for Law and Philanthropy
Website: Institute for Law and Philanthropy


Galia Feit
The Institute for Law and Philanthropy
Faculty of Law / Tel Aviv University
email: gfeit@

The Institute of Law and Philanthropy was established in 2014, and it is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Major academic disciplines are economics, law, organizational theory, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. Key research topics of the Centre are data on giving and nonprofits, cross-sector collaboration, institutional philanthropy and foundations, gender, justice and democracy. Research questions that are being addressed by the centre are, among others:


  • How to map and follow donations from varied resources to non-profits in Israel?
  • How do tax regulations effect giving and non-profit sector in Israel?
  • What is the role for philanthropic foundations in Israel?
  • How do foundations and government collaborate and to what effect?
  • How does philanthropy relate to democracy and justice?