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ERNOP Research Notes Issue VII: June 2024

Exploring the Latest Insights in Philanthropy Practice

The European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) is excited to announce the release of the seventh issue of ERNOP Research Notes for Philanthropy Practitioners. These Research Notes provide easy-to-read, well-edited, and visualised two-page summaries of academic articles from ERNOP members, focusing on practical implications for the field.

Featured Articles in Issue VII:

  1. How Pragmatic Sociology Can Enable Research to Embrace the Complexities of the Third Sector

      • Authors: Janis Petzinger, Tobias Jung, Kevin Orr (University of St Andrews)
      • Summary: This article illustrates how the theoretical framework of pragmatic sociology can help researchers recognize and reflect on the uncertainties and ambiguities inherent in the third sector. It explores how third sector research can adapt during times of upheaval and organizational ambiguity.
  2. How Do Employees of Cultural Institutions Experience Crowdfunding?

      • Authors: Claire van Teunenbroek (University of Twente), Rosa Smits (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)
      • Summary: This study delves into the perceptions of employees in cultural institutions who run crowdfunding campaigns, highlighting four key implications for the successful implementation of such campaigns.
  3. The Civic Action of Volunteering Through Flexible Forms of Organising

      • Authors: Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard, Liv Egholm (Copenhagen Business School)
      • Summary: This article examines how evolving and flexible forms of volunteering can contribute to community well-being and impact civic actions.
  4. Informal Place Leadership: A Challenge to Formal Political Leadership?

    • Authors: Oto Potluka (University of Basel), Lenka Svecova (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), Lucie Zarubova (University of West Bohemia)
    • Summary: Investigating the growing trend of informal place leadership, this article assesses its role in the EU Cohesion Policy and its potential to address dissatisfaction with formal political leadership.
  5. How Does an Individual’s Experience of Crisis Influence Charitable Giving?

      • Authors: Julia Litofcenko, Michael Meyer, Michaela Neumayr, Astrid Pennerstorfer (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
      • Summary: In an era of continuous crises, this research explores how personal experiences of existential threats, like pandemics, influence charitable giving behaviors.
  6. Trends in Forms of Civic Involvement in the Netherlands Between 2008 and 2020

    • Authors: Maikel Meijeren (Radboud University), Marcel Lubbers (Utrecht University), Peer Scheepers (Radboud University)
    • Summary: This study examines the development of civic involvement in the Netherlands over a 12-year period, utilizing high-quality survey data to analyze changes in civic activities.
  7. Raising Philanthropic Children: Moving Beyond Virtuous Philanthropy, Towards Transformative Giving and Empowered Citizenship

      • Author: Alison Body (Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent)
      • Summary: This article discusses the significance of a justice-oriented approach to philanthropic education for children, focusing on transformative giving and empowered citizenship.
  8. Do Nonprofit and Philanthropic Scholars Share a Common Language?

      • Authors: René Bekkers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Ji Ma (The University of Texas at Austin)
      • Summary: This research traces the emergence of a shared language among nonprofit and philanthropy researchers, highlighting the increasing cohesion in the field.
  9. NGO Resilience in Czech Republic During Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

      • Authors: Tara Kolar Bryan (University of Tennessee at Knoxville), Monica Lea (University of Nebraska at Omaha), Vladimír Hyánek (Masaryk University)
      • Summary: This article addresses the resilience and governance challenges faced by Czech NGOs during the Ukrainian refugee crisis, providing insights into maintaining operations amidst large-scale humanitarian challenges.

About ERNOP Research Notes

Academic research on philanthropy is often underutilized by practitioners, despite its valuable insights. The ERNOP Research Notes aim to bridge this gap by making academic findings more accessible and relevant to practitioners in the philanthropy sector. This initiative is endorsed by the European Fundraising Association (EFA), Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea), the Centre for European Volunteering (CEV), and Impact Europe.