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European Research Network on Philanthropy

ERNOP research collaborations and dissemination

ERNOP studies philanthropy, defined as voluntary private contributions of money, time or other resources with a primary goal to benefit the public good. We acknowledge that philanthropy has a different meaning across Europe, because of the large variation in the historical, social and legal background of philanthropy. In order to further advance philanthropic research in Europe, ERNOP members from different countries and scientific disciplines collaborate in research projects and grant proposals, each bring their own unique qualities and perspectives to the projects.

Successful collaborative projects have been the edited volume on Giving in Europe, joint research projects commissioned by the European Commission, the design of comparative studies on philanthropic behavior, and the submission of several research proposals to European  and American funding bodies. Ongoing projects out by ERNOP members can be found here. Past projects can be found here. 

In the future ERNOP will continue to organize research conferences, and start new joint research projects, to further enhance the dissemination of (cross-national) philanthropic research.