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Are you also tired of crises? The pandemic is still slumbering, we are confronted with climate change, migration, polarization, and increasing societal divides. On top of this, the outbreak of war in Ukraine has suddenly made us shiver and realize that once again, many of the things we took for granted, such as freedom, democracy and some form of predictable economic prosperity, can be demolished overnight. High inflation and an economic downturn add dark clouds to our skies.    

Philanthropy can be a catalytic force that addresses all crises with joy. 

Indeed, this is the time to unleash philanthropy’s catalytic potential for our society. Bring out the best of people and celebrate philos anthropos – the love for mankind. Research on philanthropy can enable private action for the public good to become more resilient, effective, empowered, sustainable, embedded, democratic and inclusive. It can provide a mirror to show philanthropy and philanthropists what they are compared to others or how it is (dis)functioning. 

With the ERNOP Science and Society Seminar Series 22-23, ERNOP aims to continue building bridges between professionals working in, with and for philanthropy in Europe and the European academics studying philanthropy.

To develop a relevant program, ERNOP has invited its societal partners from the philanthropy sector to share their most pressing research questions. With a focus on opportunities for philanthropy and its implications, the series aims to shed light on promising developments in giving, volunteering, leadership, impact management, and more. 

Join the European Research Network On Philanthropy members as they share the best of their research on philanthropy from the continent.  Continue the conversation at the coffee table and in the board rooms, and implement the knowledge in developing the policy of your philanthropic organization to overcome the crises of today and tomorrow. 

The full program and line up can be found here.

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