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The COVID-19 crisis has major impact on all economic sectors. Related to the philanthropy sector, ERNOP members involved in new and planned initiatives to study the effects of (the fallout of and recovery from) COVID-19 and the philanthropy sector in Europe. A number of these projects can be found below. This section will be updated as new initiatives develop.

Ongoing research projects related to Covid-19 and philanthropy

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy at Tel-Aviv University developed a project briefing grantmakers on the challenges and needs faced by the social non profits at these caotic times. They also partnered with umbrella organizations to collect and analyze data on the situation of the social non profits due to the growing needs of their beneficiaries in light of the financial shortage and its effects. Contact: Galia Feit

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy at Tel-Aviv University has an ongoing data collection that integrates COVID-19 on trends in giving and volunteering (this is an ongoing research they began in Dec, 2018 and will continue till September 2020 – collecting weekly representative samples). Contact: Galia Feit

The Institute for Social Research in Norway has carried out a survey of the consequences of Covid-19 in Norway for the voluntary and philanthropic sector. Contact: Bernard Enjolras

Together with colleagues from Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the University of Freiburg (Germany) the Center for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) in Basel runs a survey on volunteering in covid-times. Volunteers that made used of different volunteering platforms in the past weeks will be participating.  Contact: Georg von Schnurbein

The Centre for Civil Society Research at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College conducted a study of Swedish civil society organisations during the ongoing crisis. Representatives from 30+ organisations have been interviewed about their situation as the crisis unfolds. The structured questionnaire includes questions about funding and giving from individuals and businesses. Contact: ">Johan Vamstad

The factulty of Political Science at the University of Teramo (Italy) has initiated a study on the initiatives of foundations of banking origins to address the challenges faced by hospitals and to support the financial needs of nonprofit organizations. The analysis is part of an in in-depth study of the history of these philanthropic entities and their role according to the constitutional principle of horizontal subsidiarity. Contact: ">Raffaella Rametta

Upcoming research projectes related to Covid-19 and philanthropy:

Third Sector Research Centre at University of Birmingham on the empirical challenges to perceptions of health care as state monopoly, and analyse possibilities for effective, ethical and sustainable voluntary contributions to health systems. Contact: John Mohan

Third Sector Research Centre at University of Birmingham will start an in-depth research to look how 25 different communities across England respond to COVID-19, and how they recover.  Contact: John Mohan

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy and Tel-Aviv University will launch a research on the the role of philanthropic foundations in Israel and the financial stability of nonprofits. Contact: Galia Feit