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As research community we aim to contribute to society. The ERNOP Science and Society Seminars are a monthly series of online seminars in which researchers from ERNOP philanthropy research centres and academic chairs present their state of the art work through online presentations. Research centres are invited to share their work, keeping in mind the practical relevance and application of their research output. To make most of the seminars, ERNOP has invited representatives from Dafne, EFA, EFC, and CEV to participate in the initiative and discuss implications for practice. The organisations represent philanthropy on a European level, but also have strong connections with philanthropic organisations on a national level.

Next to these partners, other networks that share an interest in building the European philanthropy sector are very much invited to get involved by becoming an ‘endorsing organisation’. With CEV, Dafne, EFA and EFC, also Transnational Giving Europe (TGE), the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) and the EVPA have joined the group of supporting organisations. Please contact ">Barry Hoolwerf for more information. Let’s make together philanthropy work (better)!