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Institutional ERNOP member the University of Heidelberg organises a public, interdisciplinary lecture series that will start on 21 April (4:30 p.m.).

In this series of six seminars, taking place in May and June 2021, guests from national and international research and practice as well as experts from the participating disciplines at University of Heidelberg will examine the topic from different perspectives and provide insights into European and non-European cultures. The series are organised in the context of a 3-year research project on “Philanthropy, Giving & Collecting in the Longue Durée – Pathways to an Intercultural Analysis”.

Why do people in different cultures and eras donate, give and collect? For what kind of purposes and with what kind of goals? Under which social, cultural, economic and power conditions and in which forms can this happen? Is this good or bad for a society? These and other questions will be explored in an exchange between academia and practice. For further information about the project can be found here. More information about the lecture series can be found here.