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Why Philanthropy Matters Podcast

We have teamed up with the Philanthropisms podcast from Why Philanthropy Matters, to discuss the third issue of the ERNOP Research Notes. Hosted Rhodri Davies, it gives you a snapshot of what is happening in European philanthropy academia.

Featuring interviews with:

What is key for crowdfunding success and how can we explain it?

Authors:  Claire van Teunenbroek – University of Twente | Carolina Dalla Chiesa – Erasmus University Rotterdam | Laura Hesse – Universität Hamburg
Provided by: Jane Trenaman (Freelance Consultant)

Against the backdrop of accelerated digitisation of fundraising, exploration of the key features of crowdfunding is well underway. Crowdfunding is a way to collect funds online. This paper categorises key mechanisms to create a framework to analyse the impact of such features on online donor behaviour.  Understanding the role of these mechanisms will aid fundraisers in positively influencing donation behaviour to enhance the success of projects and campaigns.
#Crowdfunding #Giving #Donor #Online #Digitalisation

Strengthening engagement with philanthropic foundations
Authors: Tobias Jung (University of St Andrews), Kevin Orr (University of St Andrews)
Provided by: Maliha Hasan (University of Toronto)

The authors suggest using a distinct way to advance our theoretical understanding of philanthropic institutions known as ‘foundations’. They suggest using spectrality – a lens that enables an exploration of important social, ethical and political questions of influence and nuance, historical reasonings, people, practices and perspectives that may not be blatantly obvious, clearly stated or even rooted in the present but influence how foundations are set up, their impact, operations and how they are perceived. They propose and critically explore spectrality as a strategic platform from which stronger theorizing on philanthropic foundations as a distinct institutional form can proceed.

#Philanthropy #Foundations #Engagement #Ethics