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The ERNOP Board and hosting committee are very pleased to share the preliminary conference programme of our upcoming event. This time ERNOP’s conference theme will be “Building Bridges in the aftermath of Covid-19”. Indeed, Covid is still among us but has accelerated the challenges we face. Where will the philanthropy of today lead us tomorrow? We very much look forward to our members and partners in person in Dublin to meet, exchange and learn from each other.

As the new century comes of age – at 21 – this conference will address the contribution of philanthropy in Europe to bridge existing and new divides in society. Covid-19 has put tremendous strains on the way we were used to organize our societies. What role for philanthropy to bridge the gaps caused by covid-19? What effects does covid-19 has on philanthropy itself? And to what extent can philanthropy overcome populism, polarization and rising levels of inequality and immigration to keep communities together by connecting religious groups, native and immigrant groups, the rich and poor and address the Sustainable Development Goals? As philanthropy is increasingly viewed from a critical perspective, we invite you to share your views on its responsibility to reduce inequality and what consequences this may have in the future.

Beth Breeze from the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent will kick-start our conversations by addressing the audience as academic keynote speaker. Beth recently published ‘In defense of philanthropy’, in which she is exploring the reputation of philanthropy in contemporary society and tackles main critiques levelled at philanthropy.

During these two days in Dublin, conference attendees will be able to pick their most relevant research topics in the five parallel sessions that are part of the confence. Also, several organisations representing philanthropy and philanthorpic organisations will engage in lively panel sessions where insights from academia and the professional field will be shared and discussed.

Finally a panel of practitioner ‘experts’ from the philanthropy sector will explore the extent to which the concepts of charitable giving and philanthropic giving are intertwined or diverge and how the tensions that exist between government funding  and private philanthropic giving can be navigated.  It invites the panellists to consider the respective limitations and complementarity of these funding streams. Where is there best scope for leveraging philanthropic funding? What role can research play in bridging the inevitable gaps? 

Of course no conference would be complete without informal relationship building opportunities and networking. With a gala reception at Dublin Castle and the opportunity to visit the Book of Kells during the conference, ERNOP conference delegates can be assured that they leave Dublin with new inspiration, knowledge, experiences and friends.

Do not miss this opportunity and join the community of European researchers on philanthropy in Dublin on December 2 & 3! Registration is possible here.