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European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) provides the 2024 Snapshot of European Philanthropy Research Centers and Chairs 

The European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) is happy to share the latest insights and developments in the field of philanthropy with the release of its 2024 overview of philanthropy research centers and chairs across Europe. This comprehensive overview delves into the key research questions, academic disciplines, and philanthropy-related focus areas of leading institutions, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of philanthropic studies.

Key Highlights from the 2024 Overview

New Additions: The 2024 overview welcomes new institutions to the philanthropic research community, including University College Ghent, University of Oxford, and University of Freiburg, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to the network.

Evolution of Research Questions: A closer look reveals notable shifts in research questions, reflecting the evolving nature of philanthropy. Questions in 2024 explore themes such as the role of philanthropy in cross-sector partnerships, the impact of AI on philanthropy, and the socio-cultural roles and expressions of philanthropy.

Diverse Academic Disciplines: Philanthropy research continues to thrive as an interdisciplinary field. The 2024 overview showcases a diverse range of academic disciplines contributing to the study of philanthropy, including sociology, law, economics, psychology, and political science.

Focus on Social Impact: Many research centers emphasize the societal impact of philanthropy, with an increased focus on social entrepreneurship, impact finance, and strategies for achieving cross-cultural and international social innovation.

About ERNOP:

The European Research Network On Philanthropy is dedicated to advancing, coordinating, and promoting research on in Europe. With nearly 250 members from almost 30 European countries, ERNOP plays a crucial role in shaping the discourse on philanthropy and fostering collaboration within the research community.

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