New academic centres on philanthropy are emerging in European countries in an attempt to study the growing phenomenon of philanthropy in a European context. In 2017, the inaugural Gathering of Academic centres of Philanthropy in Europe (AGAPE), brougth together directors/leaders of academic centres of philanthropy. ERNOPs  institutional members had candid and collaborative discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities in the teaching and research of philanthropy. This small and intimate workshop created an active and open space to uncover and share insights, experiences, best practices and ideas for collaborations to enhance the impact and visibility of our respective research centres.

ERNOPs mission is to advance, coordinate and promote excellence in philanthropic research in Europe. The exchange between and the development of our centres is facilitated through AGAPE. Therefore, the ERNOP board has decided to continue AGAPE. All (academic) directors working at a philanthropy centre within a university are much invited to join us for the second Gathering of Academic Centres on Philanthropy in Europe (AGAPE), 18-19 October, 2018, at the ESSEC campus near Paris.  This small and intimate gathering promises candid and collaborative discussions to enhance the impact and visibility of our respective research centres.

This second gathering picks up where the first one left off, and features more-in-depth trainings and collaborations on essential topics, including:

  • Mapping Research on Philanthropy – Present State and Future Directions
  • Teaching Philanthropy – 4 breakout sessions focused on:
    1)Undergrad/Grad 2)PhD 3)Exec-Ed/Custom Trainings, and 4)Online/E-Learning
  • Media Training For Centre Leaders
  • Practitioner Panels: What Do Practitioners Need from Academic Centre
  • The “Philanthropy Tango” (Micro-panels on the Top 12 pressing questions of philanthropy

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