ERNOP launches Best ERNOP Conference Paper Award
Research on philanthropy is growing and getting more and more ground within universities and research centers. To acknowledge the great work that is being done by researchers across Europe and beyond, the ERNOP board is pleased to announce that during the 8th international conference that will take place on July 13-14 at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, ERNOP will launch the ERNOP Best Conference Paper Award. The award, which is made possible by the Transnational Giving Europe network, will comprise out of an Award Certificate and € 1000,-.

The best conference paper will stand out in addressing original research questions that advances our understanding of philanthropy, be it in theoretical development, empirical results and/or policy development. Each session moderator will select one paper from their session to be nominated as best conference paper. The award committee will than further review the papers on their originality of contribution to knowledge, quality of argument (including a critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings and its consistency and coherency of debate), positioning of the papers in existing international literature and the quality of writing style in terms of accuracy, clarity and readability.