The ERNOP board is pleased to announce that the 8th international conference of our dedicated network of philanthropy researchers will be hosted by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark on July 13-14, 2017. Theme will be “The changing face of philanthropy? Philanthropy in an era of hybridity and alternative forms of organizing.”

Recent years have witnessed a diversification of the how of philanthropy.  Classic donations from individuals, foundations and commercial enterprises give way to hybrid forms of philanthropy. A distinction between giving and receiving organizations, and foundation and commercial enterprise is no longer easily made. Hosted by the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, the conference will gather scholars from various disciplines sharing a motivation to discuss the answers on questions of today’s philanthropy and generate new questions about the philanthropy of tomorrow. Participants are especially encouraged to send in proposals addressing the boundaries, new and alternative forms of philanthropy. Not only will the conference serve as a platform to discuss current research developments and to foster new insights about philanthropy today, it will also address the face of philanthropy tomorrow.

Pre-conference Event

On the day before the ERNOP conference, CBS Center for Civil Society Studies and the Carlsberg Academy will organize a pre-conference event related to the societal significance of European foundations. At this poster based encounter among researchers and practitioners, CBS Center for Civil Society Studies will publish a report on the impact and role of European foundations.

Next to the presentation of the report, this pre-conference event will be supplemented by a wide variety of posters presented by a select group of researchers and informed practitioners studying foundations in different parts of Europe. This morning session is limited to a select group of 50 poster-presenters presenting in a seminar-style format. In the afternoon session (2-5 PM) the poster-presenters are supplemented by an invited group of academics and practitioners associated with philanthropic organizations. This mixed audience will be addressed by two key note speakers, and given opportunities to discuss the invited posters in an interactive workshop fashion. Afterwards the posters can be exhibited in the main hall at the ERNOP conference. More information about this event can be found here.

More information

The call for proposals and further information can be found at the conference webpage.

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