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International Conference on Philanthropy Research

The International Conference on the Research on Philanthropy will take place in Turin on 22-23 September, organised by Compagnia di San Paolo in collaboration with Philea and ERNOP. Communities expand and transform through time, becoming increasingly complex, and so does the phenomenon of philanthropy, which must continuously re-align itself to the communities needs. To achieve such an objective, resourcefulness and initiative must be supported by knowledge, critical thinking and debate. Thus, the methods of research and dialogue are crucial to philanthropy. 

AGAPE 2022: Developing a COST Action proposal

On September 22 2022, ERNOP will hold its regular Gathering of Academic centers and chairs on Philanthropy in Europe (AGAPE) meeting in Turin. 

With ERNOP’s overarching aim being the advancement, coordination, and promotion of excellence in philanthropic research in Europe, it seems timely to take stock of where we are, reflect on our strategic direction and activities, and explore additional ways in which we can work towards achieving our aims. As a starting point and catalyst for these conversations, we would like to use this year’s AGAPE meeting to explore a proposal for a collaborative COST Action application on philanthropy.  

COST (European Cooperation in Science & Technology) Actions are pan-European interdisciplinary research networks that bring together researchers and innovators from universities, research centres and enterprises, as well as other relevant stakeholders and interested parties. The resulting network aims to explore a topic of its choice for four years to connect, collaborate and grow its ideas, with a particular emphasis on: 

  • the promotion and spreading of excellence, 
  • the fostering of interdisciplinary research for breakthrough science, 
  • the empowering and retaining of young researchers and innovators. 

Tobias Jung, president of ERNOP: “As all three areas resonate strongly with the aims of ERNOP, and as there is currently an open call for COST Actions, it seems a timely opportunity to come together in Turin, pool our ideas, and give it a try. Alongside, the work will also provide important stepping stones to inform our ERNOP activities and strategy going forward, well beyond the COST Action proposal“.

The evening of September 22 2022, will mark the transition from the ERNOP meeting to the conference organised by Compagnia di San Paolo with ERNOP and Philea. During a dinner hosted by Compagnia di San Paolo, Ms. Penelope Lewis (Board member of Compagnia and World Bank Special Representative in Rome) will deliver a keynote speech on the World Bank Group’s sustainable development strategy and the institution’s engagement with philanthropy. The conference intends to contribute to forging closer relationships between institutional philanthropy and philanthropy research at both the European and Italian levels.

Keynote presentations based on papers that have been prepared by Volker Then, Liz McKeon, Rene Bekkers, Tobias Jung, Gian Paolo Barbetta and Rien van Gendt will kick-start the conference and can be followed online, click here to watch the keynote presentations. 

International Conference on Philanthropy Research

On September 23, the Compagnia di San Paolo in close cooperation with Philea and ERNOP, is organising and hosting an International Conference on Philanthropy Research. Providing an opportunity for the professional research community that studies philanthropy and foundations to discuss shared research interests in the sector. Also, to exchange points of view and expectations, encouraging the forging of closer relationships between institutional philanthropy and philanthropy research.