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Are you interested in developing or freshening up your knowledge of philanthropy via direct access to relevant academic work? Do you want to showcase your expertise and grow your knowledge by signing up for the ERNOP Research Note database of practitioner experts? To expand the ERNOP research notes database, ERNOP is searching for practitioners who want to function as ‘practitioner experts’.

  • ERNOP will match the expert with a relevant academic publication on their preferred topic.
  • ERNOP will approach you and ask if you are available to create the research note.
  • It is estimated that it will take you a maximum of 6 hours to read the academic article and create a Research Note.
  • About six weeks after a match has been made and after approval of the research note by the original author, ERNOP will publish the research note on its web pages. 

Click here to download the call for practitioners.

Click here if you want to sign up to become a practitioner expert.

A broad range of experts

We are looking for a broad range of experts, such as subjects related to altruism, bequests, corporate philanthropy, diaspora and community philanthropy, fundraising strategies, foundations, governance, volunteering, venture philanthropy, social investment and impact investments. If you prefer, your name and organisation can be listed on the ERNOP Research Note. Also, practice experts will have access to all other research notes. 

A quick overview of the publication process:

  • You sign up for the practitioner expert database.
  • ERNOP matches you to an academic article and the article’s author.
  • You develop the first draft of the research note using the ERNOP framework.
  • ERNOP and the author of the article provide you with feedback.
  • The second draft, confirmation of the article’s author and ERNOP will publish the research note on its website.

The note will be published on a quarterly basis.


The practitioner expert and the author will be free to indefinitely use the research note for their own and organisational purposes. Regarding the other research notes, all research notes will remain publicly accessible for three months after their release, with a minimum of 10 publicly accessible research notes. Afterwards, ERNOP will make the research notes available to its (associated) members, institutional supporters and societal partners. Practitioner experts will be granted (associated) individual membership for one year after their research note has been published. For specifics on the conditions, click here.

Developed with ERNOP partners and associated organisations

The ERNOP Research Notes are endorsed by the European Fundraising Association (EFA), Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea), the Centre for European Volunteering (CEV) and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Are you interested in becoming a practitioner expert? You can sign up by clicking here.