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Amsterdam, February 28

The European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) celebrates the launch of a new initiative aimed at amplifying the voices of PhD students in the field of philanthropy. With the series titled “Philanthropy PhD Perspectives: From Theory to Impact,” ERNOP invites PhD students and recent graduates to showcase their research and insights on a European platform.

The future of philanthropy research lies in the hands of emerging scholars, and ERNOP is committed to providing a platform for these talented individuals to share their work with a diverse audience. Through this initiative, PhD students will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their research, connect with fellow researchers and practitioners, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in philanthropy.

“We believe in the contribution of our young researchers to drive research and impact in the field of philanthropy,” said Barry Hoolwerf, Executive Director of ERNOP. “This initiative not only celebrates the achievements of PhD students but also fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange within the academic community.”

Contributors to the blog series will have the chance to showcase their research journey, including the focus of their PhD, academic background, methodologies used or planned, challenges faced, and the significance of their work. Additionally, contributors are encouraged to highlight the relevance of collaboration with colleagues and the importance of networks in advancing philanthropic research.

“We are excited to provide a platform for PhD students to share their insights and experiences with a broader audience,” said Michaela Neumayr (WU Vienna), ERNOP board member responsible for PhD development. “By showcasing the diverse perspectives and innovative research of emerging scholars, we aim to inspire positive change in the field of philanthropy.”

The series is kick-started by featuring the work of the PhD students that are part of the first cohort of the ERNOP PhD Circle. The call for contributions to ERNOP PhD students is open-ended, with no deadline for submissions. Interested PhD students and recent graduates are invited to express their interest or inquire about the submission process by contacting ERNOP at .

ERNOP looks forward to receiving contributions from talented PhD students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in philanthropy through this exciting initiative.

For more information about ERNOP and the call for contributions, please visit or

About ERNOP:

The European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP) is a network of scholars and researchers dedicated to advancing the understanding of philanthropy through research, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. ERNOP aims to foster interdisciplinary research, facilitate dialogue between academics and practitioners, and contribute to evidence-based policymaking in the field of philanthropy.