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ERNOP Launches ERNOP PhD Circles to Foster Collaboration and Learning Among European Philanthropy PhD Students

[AMSTERDAM, Sept 18, 2023] – With our ambition to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing among European philanthropy scholars, the European Research Network On Philanthropy (ERNOP) is proud to introduce the ERNOP PhD Circles initiative.

Building upon the success of the ERNOP PhD Workshop in past conference editions, ERNOP recognizes the importance of providing a continuous learning and support environment for PhD students in the field of philanthropy. The ERNOP PhD Circles seek to create a trusted space where European PhD students can connect, learn from their peers, and receive valuable feedback from senior researchers in the European philanthropy research community.

Key Features of ERNOP PhD Circles 2024

Peer Learning: PhD students will have the opportunity to present their research work to fellow Circle members, fostering constructive discussions and knowledge exchange.

Expert Guidance: Established scholars from the ERNOP community will offer their expertise and feedback, enriching the learning experience for participating PhD students.

Online Participation: The ERNOP PhD Circles will be organized online on a bimonthly basis, ensuring accessibility for participants from across Europe.

ERNOP Board member Michaela Neumayr (WU Vienna) to lead first pilot

The inaugural ERNOP PhD Circle, set for 2024, will be led by Michaela Neumayr from WU Vienna. This pilot program will serve as a blueprint for future ERNOP PhD Circles, with the aim of expanding this collaborative platform further.

Call for Applications

PhD students interested in participating in the ERNOP PhD Circles are invited to submit their applications. It is essential to note that while participation in the Circles is free of charge, ERNOP membership is a prerequisite.

**Application Deadline:** November 15, 2023.

For detailed information and application guidelines, please see here. 

For further information, please contact info@