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Conference 2023

11th International Research Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy

29-30th June, 2023

University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.

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Philanthropy plays a key role in times of crisis. Philanthropic initiatives are often the first to engage when a crisis emerges and the last that remain when a crisis ends. Climate change created action by groups in society that were not considered part of philanthropy; the covid crisis already saw the birth of many philanthropic initiatives and the war in Ukraine sparked generosity in Europe that might be – in absolute terms – unprecedented in history. However, in the same time, and within the context of societal upheavals, philanthropy is also criticised for being ineffective, its particularism, its elitism, and even as agents of influence by unwanted entities. Traditional forms of philanthropy are considered outdated by some and replaced by alternative forms like impact investing or informal and ad hoc giving through online and mobile platforms. 

How come that a societal phenomenon that is defined as ‘private action for the public good’ and literally is translated as ‘love for mankind’ often has to deal with negative perceptions in the public opinion? How can philanthropic organisations and initiatives remain better connected with their constituency and societal stakeholders? And to what extent is philanthropy able to overcome its shortcomings and can it live up to its potential? What can we learn from history about philanthropy’s role in transforming our society to address tomorrow’s crises? What is the relevance of alternative sources of philanthropy like data and to what extent can philanthropic organisations use this? 

Against the background of these crises and developments – we invite contributors of papers to reflect and share their work on the roles that philanthropy in its different forms can play during and after crisis and social upheavals. What is needed to make philanthropy live up to its potentially catalytic capacities? How does philanthropy develop during crises and how can philanthropic behaviour be sustained when a crisis fades away? To what extent does this vary depending on individual, organisational or national contexts?  

Let us collectively build and harvest our knowledge on philanthropy. Join us as we consider how  philanthropy – in all its forms – plays its role in the crisis of the past, present and can live up to its potential in the future. 

Hosted by the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb, the conference will welcome  scholars from all disciplines and practitioners of philanthropy who share a motivation to discuss the purpose and practice of philanthropy in the present day, and to generate new questions about how philanthropy might develop in the future. The conference will also offer participants the opportunity to learn about the developments in philanthropic practice in Europe and especially in the context of Central and Eastern European Countries. 

Papers are invited to speak to these conference themes and also to the following related areas:

  • Altruism and generosity
  • Alternative forms of philanthropy
  • Bequests and intergenerational transfers
  • Cross-border giving
  • Comparative cross-country studies of philanthropy
  • Corporate philanthropy and CSR
  • COVID-19 and philanthropy
  • Cross-sector collaboration with corporations and government
  • Diaspora and community philanthropy
  • Donor motivations, concerns and advisory needs
  • Economics of philanthropy
  • Efficacy, efficiency and performance evaluation
  • European philanthropy (or philanthropies)
  • Family philanthropy
  • Fundraising strategies and practices
  • Foundation roles and strategies
  • Governance of foundations
  • High net worth philanthropy
  • Impact, outcomes and outputs of philanthropy
  • Legal, fiscal and regulatory issues in philanthropy
  • Methodology for philanthropy research
  • Morality and ethics of giving
  • New frontiers and innovation in philanthropy
  • Philanthropy and democracy
  • Private and public foundations
  • Roles of philanthropy
  • SDGs and philanthropy
  • Social innovation, crowdfunding and philanthropy
  • Strategies for philanthropy
  • Theories of giving and volunteering
  • Venture philanthropy, social investment
  • Volunteering, giving time

Conference papers presented at the conference are available for (associated) members through the member portal.

Conference Proceedings are available for members and non-members.