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There has been progress towards gathering more complete national data on philanthropy across Europe. Philanthropic organisations are getting a better handle on filling the data void. Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea), in collaboration with ERNOP, is launching a new webinar series to showcase some of the fascinating research from their members, celebrate their accomplishments, and offer the philanthropic community an inside look at these studies. Academic experts from ERNOP will contribute to the session by providing an academic perspective on the studies.

The series seeks to contribute towards the better sharing of data, research and knowledge across the philanthropy ecosystem in Europe. Each session will focus on a different theme and country case study, yet all of them will provide a space for sharing lessons learned, challenges faced, and best practices related to data collection at a national level.

The research projects on display will include, but are not limited to, national studies on household and institutional giving, state and scope of the sector, and philanthropy’s contribution to the economy and impact on a given sub-sector. While the studies will be presented by peers from observatories of foundations and philanthropy infrastructure organisations, the discussions will welcome insights from academic researchers and data scientists to enrich the methodological exchange and gain different perspectives.

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