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This age is characterized by unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic, climate change, migration, polarization and the rise of artificial intelligence requires every societal actor, including philanthropy, to do better, more, or different.

An important source for innovation and growth comes from research and development. Members of ERNOP produce the best of research on philanthropy within the continent, but only limited output makes it to the board rooms, decision tables and policies of philanthropic organizations. The gap between production and usage of academic knowledge is a waste of valuable resources. With the ERNOP Science and Society Seminars, ERNOP takes the initiative to start building a bridge. Session participants are much invited to pose their questions and comments to make science to better address the challenges philanthropy is facing.

The seminars will cover a broad range of topics. The seminars will take one hour and consist out of a presentation, moderated discussion by a discussant from leading philanthropic organisations and space for questions by the session participants. The seminars will be accessible for all interested and free to join. Let’s together make philanthropy better able to address the challenges of today and tomorrow!