Every year, members of ERNOP publish their work in a broad range of academic journals and present their work on conferences. Also, but much more limited output finds its way into popular media and to the philanthropy sector in Europe. As a consequence there is a gap between the potential usage of knowledge and research output by professionals in the field.

As research community we aim to contribute to society. The ERNOP Science and Society Seminars envisions an series in 2021, of online seminars in which researchers from ERNOP philanthropy research centres and academic chairs present their state of the art work through online presentations. Research centres are invited to share their work, keeping in mind the practical relevance and application of their research output. To make most of the seminars, European organisations representing the philanthropy sector have been invited to participate in the initiative.

The seminars will cover a broad range of topics related to philanthropy research. The seminars will take one hour and consist out of a presentation of 40 minutes, followed by a moderated discussion by representatives from relevant professionals in the field and room for questions by the session participants. The seminars will be accessible for all interested and free to join.

Speakers that will contribute to the ERNOP Science and Society Seminars are:

  • Dr. Beth Breeze, Centre for Philanthropy Studies, University of Kent, on Media perceptions of philanthropy
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Vogel, Debiopharm Chair for Family Philanthropy, IMD Business School, on Engaging with family businesses
  • Prof. Dr. Anne-Claire Pache and Dr. Arthur Gautier, Philanthropy Chair, ESSEC Business School on Strategic Giving
  • Prof. Dr. Lucas Meijs, Rotterdam School of Management on Sustaining voluntary energy
  • Dr. Volker Then, Center for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg on Impact investing as option or obligation for philanthropic organizations
  • Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein, Center for Philanthropy Studies, University of Basel on How to engage in impact investing
  • Prof. Dr. John Mohan, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham on A stress test for philanthropic organizations
  • Prof. Dr. Theo Schuyt, Center for Philanthropic Studies, VU Amsterdam on Partnering with public and commercial organizations

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