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ERNOP Conference proceedings

Full paper Summary
Alborough, Lesley. The mediated gift: a three-fold tactical approach Summary
Boiardi, Priscilla, Demirel, Pelin, Grinevech, Vadim & Hehenberger, Lisa. Understanding the Destination of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment:  An Institutional Theory Perspective Summary
Boyle, Richard. Can philanthropy and government work effectively together? A case study from Ireland Summary
Buijze, Renate. International Philanthropy for the Arts. Fundraising Strategies to attract Foreign Benefactors Summary
Cham, Elizabeth. Philanthropy: the need for public accountability. Contemporary Australian Philanthropists speak Summary
De Wit, Arjen, Neumayr, Michaela, Handy, Femida & Wiepking, Pamala. Government Expenditures and Philanthropic Donations: Exploring Crowding-Out with Cross-Country Data Summary
Deguchi, Masayuki. Philanthropy and the City. New forms of collaboration and culture Summary
Ellemers, Naomi. Organizational morality and employee commitment Summary
Fillton, Triona. Practicing What You Preach: The Impacts of Masters-Level Study Upon Philanthropy Practitioners Summary
Gallo, Maria. Giving and Getting: How do alumni feature in university strategic plans? Summary
Garcia, Silvia, Osili, Una & Xiaonan, Kou. Measuring philanthropic freedom across countries Summary
Gautier, Arthur. Replacing charity, anticipating the welfare State. A conceptual genealogy of philanthropy in France since the Age of Enlightenment Summary
Hölz, Martin. The professionalization of philanthropy – merely a kind of rationalization or something different? Summary
Katz, Hagai, Greenspan, Itay, Feit, Galia & Drezner, Noah D.. Attitudes towards giving and giving behavior in diverse societies: Learning from the Israeli case Summary
Loget, Violette & Fournier, Marcel. Engaging Millennial Donors: Young Philanthropists Circles in Montreal Museums Summary
Mzyk Callias, Karolina, Grady, Heather & Grosheva, Karina. Philanthropy’s contributions to Sustainable Development Goals in emerging countries Summary
Nesbit, Rebecca, Kang, Seong & Brudney, Jeffrey. Are Government Agencies Using More Volunteers? Evidence from the U.S. and Implications for Other Nations Summary
Nesbit, Rebecca, Paarlberg, Laurie, Compton, Mallory & Arndt, Kelly. The Effect of Community Diversity on Volunteering: A Multi-Level Model Summary
Paarlberg, Laurie, Hannibal, Bryce & McGinnis Johnson, Jasmine. How you do or whom you know?: Examining the influence of board networks on the grant making of public foundations Summary
Potluka, Oto. Effective, but inefficient? Public support granted to social enterprises for employment Summary
Tansey, Lorraine & Gallo, Maria. Students, systems and stakeholders for social change Summary
Torok, Marianne & Strecansky, Boris. Percentage designations assessed: redistribution and the idea of the school of philanthropy Summary
Van Teunenbroek, Claire & Bekkers, René. Joining the Crowd? The Impact of Social Information in Crowdfunding Campaigns Summary